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The creator of Virtual Helsinki 3D-model for Helsinki Arena 2000 project. Specializes in creating
tools for 3D-models.
COBA Group develops standards for smart homes and buildings.
The leading Finnish training company specialized in programming tools and databases in Windows,
Unix, Internet and Wap environments.
Manufactures extremely efficient and light rotary engines for special purposes.
The creators of world famous websom search engine are specialized in the data mining applications of
neural networks and self-organizing maps.
Specializes in information and communication management services for small and middle-size
Develops and manufactures LON standard based control modules and applications for Internet and
Wap enabled building automation.
Develops personal VTOL-type vehicles, flying cars, and light rotary engines.

Venture Business

R. Linturi Plc mainly operates as a seed investor with a relatively small capital. Most of the operations are business angel -type arrangements where the main emphasis is to assist early startups to get focused, networked, organized and established.

Interest areas include biotechnology and information technology. Most of the investments will be made to Finnish companies. The current portfolio includes ten unlisted companies.

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